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History of Begur

Begur is a town steeped in history and personality. One of the most important monuments of the village is the medieval castle located in Begur Massif, where earlier this century found archaeological remains of the first settlement in Begur references. The colonial-style houses, the defense towers of the sixteenth century, the church, the Casino Cultural Schools Old ... are other interesting places of the town that you visit. 

During the nineteenth century more than 500 people from Begur undertook a trip to the American continent to survive the great crisis of coral and agriculture. Almost 90% of this migration was established in Cuba, where it came from all the influences in the construction of the famous Indian Houses found around the town of town. 

Until the first third of the twentieth century, the cork industry was the only sector able to maintain successful economic activity Begur. From the second half of the century, tourism has achieved prominence to become the main source of the municipality.

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